St. Patrick’s Day Fun With the Family

2015-03-13 10:54:35

St. Patrick’s Day Fun With the Family

    By Rebekka Slate

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with your children by making homemade crafts and a green themed breakfast.

 St. Patrick’s Day Mobile: 

To make a St. Patrick’s Day themed mobile you will need some green construction paper, black paper, a paper plate, string, cotton balls, hole punch, decorative supplies such as crayons, glitter, and stickers. To begin use the green construction paper to draw and cut out shamrock patterns or by using a shamrock template. The kids can use the coloring supplies to decorate the shamrocks any way that they want. Then design a pot of gold on the black construction paper, you can use cotton balls painted gold or supplement other decorative items to represent the gold. Now by cutting a spiral pattern on the paper plate it will allow a base for the shamrocks and pots of gold to hang from.  The paper plate can be incorporated into the St. Patrick’s Day theme by coloring it like a rainbow. Use the hole puncher to tie string from the shamrocks and pot of gold to the paper plate. Use glue or a stapler to connect the string to the top of the paper plate spiral. The pot of gold can hang in the middle of all of the shamrocks with rainbow at the top connecting it all together. Enjoy!  

13 Pregnancy Photo Announcement Ideas!

2015-02-25 12:00:29

13 Pregnancy Photo Announcement Ideas!

                 By Rebekka Slate


To announce you are expecting:


1)      Depending on the season you can use theme related objects to share the baby’s due date with others. Such as in the Fall, write the expected due date on a pumpkin and hold it in front of your stomach to represent the arrival of your own little pumpkin. This idea can also be used throughout the year with other seasonal or holiday related objects, such as an Easter Egg, Christmas ornament, or a star for the 4th of July.

2)      If you would like to go with a similar concept but with a sports theme you could use baseballs, basketballs, soccerballs, and etc. This method could also be turned into a cute photo by expressing that Mom or Dad is going to be a coach to their new son or daughter. To complete the theme we have sports related t-shirts available.

3)      Another way to show you are expecting is by using a chalkboard to write the due date or use building blocks with letters on them to write out the baby’s name.


To announce the baby’s gender:


4)      Clothing outfits could be chosen for the couple in the photos based on color. For example both parents could wear pink clothing to announce that the baby is a girl.  Here are some colored maternity dresses that are available

5)      In the photo the parents-to-be could stand together holding pink or blue balloons or flowers, or a colored baby bottle to indicate the gender of the expectant baby.

6)      Photos holding hands near the woman’s stomach could be used to indicate the baby’s gender through the use of a certain colored nail polish on the woman’s hand. 

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